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학술대회 Development and Application of the Smart Helmet for Disaster and Safety
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정민기, 이혜선, 배명남, 신동범, 임선화, 이강복
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2018, pp.1084-1089
This paper introduces the development of the smart helmet needed to respond to accidents of rescue workers in the event of a disaster. With the emergence of many IoT-based devices and applications, many of the services that use them are active. However, each service was developed in a specific field, making it difficult to apply new devices, modify application and make changes to services. With the advent of a variety of IoT-based devices and services, we need middleware that can easily integrate them. Our researchers have developed the new software framework enable to integrate a wide range of devices and services and efficiently manage resources. In addition, based on this, we develop the smart helmet to respond the disaster safety accidents. The smart helmet collects, generates, and converts information on sensors (infrared camera, electro optical camera, drone camera, oxygen residual sensor, 6-axis inertial sensor, and smart watch) and it can be monitored through head mounted display(HMD) and the Command Center. Finally, we developed a simulator and generated data based on scenarios, and also tested all devices and service outdoors.
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Command center, Development and application, Disaster and safety, Drone camera, Head-mounted display(HMD), Inertial sensors, Infrared camera, IoT-based, Optical camera, Safety accidents, Smart Watch