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학술대회 Mute the Phone While Driving? Preliminary User Study on the Need for a Smartphone Driver Mode
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박현정, 김현학, 고정길
International Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing (UbiComp) 2018, pp.211-214
18HH2900, 사물 스스로 학습이 가능한 IoT 공통 SW 엔진 개발, 박동환
Several recent mobile operating systems allow users to configure the smartphone into a ?쐂riving mode??. This mode suppresses the smartphone's incoming SMS/call notifications so that it does not distract driving activities. However, currently available driving mode implementations keep all notifications from being delivered, which decreases its practical usability. We identify this as a problem and perform a survey on the preference of drivers on incoming smartphone notifications when driving. Specifically, we ask 74 survey participants on the need for a smartphone driving mode and also the need to differentiate incoming call/SMS contacts when the driving mode operates. Our results show that the need for a designated driving mode scored on average 4.3 on a 0-6 scale. When asked what criteria would be ideal for differentiating the contacts for notification prioritization, ~59% chose the communication frequency with the contact as the main criteria. Overall, our results suggests for a careful design when implementing smartphone driving mode for incoming notification control.
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Communication frequency, Main Criteria, Smartphone Notifications, User study, driving mode, mobile operating system, need for, practical usability