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학술대회 Virtual Simulation Mechanism for Distributed Energy Resources Based on Home Energy System Facilities
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구태연, 박완기, 최훈
International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE) 2019, pp.1-2
18PH1200, 신재생 비율 및 그리드 특성에 따른 그리드 안정화 기술용 ESS 최적 연계 기술 개발 및 실증, 박완기
Renewable energy development is expanding to reduce carbon emissions from global warming problems. Renewable energy is unreliable due to the inherent instability of power production. While the supply of low-cost energy storage systems (ESS) is increasing in each household to ensure the safety of power systems due to renewable energy, it is necessary to connect renewable energy with economically stable energy. In addition to improving the efficiency of the ESS, competitive technologies such as harmonization / interoperability with other systems and improvement of deployment structure / operation technology are required. In this paper, we propose a Virtual Simulation Mechanism for Distributed Energy to derive the optimum capacity calculation, layout and operation plan of the energy storage system suitable for the home energy system (HES) facility.
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AND operation, Capacity calculation, Carbon emissions, Deployment structure, Distributed Energy Resources(DERs), Energy development, Home energy system, Low-cost, Operation plan, Power Production, Power system