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학술지 An Eco-friendly Flexible Piezoelectric Energy Harvester That Delivers High Output Performance is Based on Lead-free MASnI3 Films and MASnI3-PVDF Composite Films
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Swathi Ippili, Venkatraju Jella, 엄지호, 김재규, 홍승범, 최진석, Van-Dang Tran, Nguyen Van Hieu, 김윤정, 김혜진, 윤순길
Nano Energy, v.57, pp.911-923
18HB1700, 휴먼 감각 감지 및 진단을 위한 초감각 스마트 물리센서 원천 기술, 김혜진
An environmentally-friendly lead-free methylammonium tin iodide (MASnI 3 ) perovskite is successfully synthesized using a facile approach of an antisolvent-assisted collision technique (ACT) under room ambient conditions, which results stability within 24 h under ambient room conditions. The phase transition of MASnI 3 from tetragonal to cubic is first observed at ~ 30 °C. Polycrystalline MASnI 3 films reveal a high dielectric constant of ~ 65 at 100 kHz, a low-leakage current density of 7 × 10 ?닋7 A cm ?닋2 at 50 kV cm ?닋1 , well-developed P-E hysteresis loops, and a high piezoelectric coefficient (d 33 ) of 20.8 pm V ?닋1 . The MASnI 3 piezoelectric nanogenerator (PENG) shows an output voltage of ~ 3.8 V and an output current density of 0.35 μA cm ?닋2 . To enhance the piezoelectric output performance, the MASnI 3 films are composited with an environmentally friendly PVDF polymer that had a porous structure. The PVDF-MASnI 3 composite based-PENG reveals a maximum output voltage of ~ 12.0 V and current density of ~ 4.0 μA cm ?닋2 . A green light-emitting diode (LED) using the PVDF-MASnI 3 PENGs is instantly lighted without need of a storage device, and long-term stability of the composite PENGs is validated for 90 days. This simple and cost-effective solution process is feasible for the fabrication of large-scale, high-performance, and environmental-friendly PENGs based on lead-free organic-inorganic perovskites to extensively implicate in medical and biomechanical applications.
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Collision technique, Composite film, Eco-friendly, Environmental-friendly, Environmentally friendly, High dielectric constant, High performance, Lead-free, Long-Term Stability, Low leakage, Output Voltage