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학술지 Effect of the Dielectric Constant of a Liquid Electrolyte on Lithium Metal Anodes
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김주영, 신동옥, 장태용, 김광만, 정지선, 박주남, 이용민, 조국영, Charudatta Phatack, 홍승범, 이영기
Electrochimica Acta, v.300, pp.299-305
18JB1600, 나노입자의 차원 제어를 통한 흑연/고체전해질 복합체 기반의 3차원 구조 음극 설계 및 조성 최적화, 이영기
Lithium metal is considered one of the most promising anode materials for realizing high volumetric and gravimetric energy density, owing to the high specific capacity (~3860 mAh g ?닋1 ) and the low electrochemical potential of lithium (?닋3.04 V vs. the standard hydrogen electrode). However, undesirable dendritic lithium growth and corresponding instability of the solid electrolyte interphase prevent safe and long-term use of lithium metal anodes. This paper presents a simple electrolyte approach to enhance the performance of lithium metal batteries by tuning the dielectric constant of the liquid electrolyte. Electrolyte formulations are designed by changing the concentration of ethylene carbonate to have various dielectric constants. This study confirms that high ethylene carbonate content in a liquid electrolyte enhances the cycling performance of lithium metal batteries because the electric field intensity applied to the electrolyte is reduced in relation to the polarization of the electrolyte and thus allows smooth lithium plating and formation of a stable solid electrolyte interphase. We believe that this approach provides an important concept for electrolyte system design suitable to lithium metal batteries.
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Carbonate content, Dielectric Constant, Electric field intensity, Electrochemical potential, Hydrogen electrode, Liquid electrolyte, Lithium plating, Long-term use, Solid electrolyte interphase, anode materials, cycling performance