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학술대회 Design and Development of Data Map Visualization Tool for Property Search of Police Information
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이상윤, 박원주, 이용태, 김경민, 염경록, 신지호
International Conference on Electronics, Information and Communication (ICEIC) 2019, pp.872-876
18HR3800, 위험 상황 초기 인지를 위한 ICT 기반의 범죄 위험도 예측 및 대응 기술 개발, 이용태
There are more than 90 security information systems managed by the National Police throughout the country. These systems have been collecting and storing security related information for several decades. Recently, researches are being conducted to analyze these police information and use it for case resolution or prediction. However, since related information is dispersed in different systems, it is difficult to utilize related information. To solve these problems, we intend to build a security information database that integrates and manages security information in one place. In this paper, we propose a method for non - discrimination of sensitive information that is unnecessarily collected when constructing a security information database. We propose a method of how sensitive information is distributed in policing information, how each is not identified, and verify the effectiveness of the proposed method through experiments. We also propose a visualization tool for visually checking and retrieving necessary information from a large security information database.
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Data Map, Information systems(IS), Map visualization, Sensitive information, design and development, security information, visualization tool