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학술지 Pressure Insensitive Strain Sensor with Facile Solution-Based Process for Tactile Sensing Applications
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오진원, 양준창, 김진오, 박현규, 권세영, 이세린, 심주영, 오현우, 김정, 스티브박
ACS Nano, v.12 no.8, pp.7546-7553
American Chemical Society(ACS)
18HB1700, 휴먼 감각 감지 및 진단을 위한 초감각 스마트 물리센서 원천 기술, 김혜진
Tactile sensors that can mechanically decouple, and therefore differentiate, various tactile inputs are highly important to properly mimic the sensing capabilities of human skin. Herein, we present an all-solution processable pressure insensitive strain sensor that utilizes the difference in structural change upon the application of pressure and tensile strain. Under the application of strain, microcracks occur within the multiwalled carbon nanotube (MWCNT) network, inducing a large change in resistance with gauge factor of a56 at 70% strain. On the other hand, under the application of pressure to as high as 140 kPa, negligible change in resistance is observed, which can be attributed to the pressure working primarily to close the pores, and hence minimally changing the MWCNT network conformation. Our sensor can easily be coated onto irregularly shaped three-dimensional objects (e.g., robotic hand) via spray coating, or be attached to human joints, to detect bending motion. Furthermore, our sensor can differentiate between shear stress and normal pressure, and the local strain can be spatially mapped without the use of patterned electrode array using electrical impedance tomography. These demonstrations make our sensor highly useful and important for the future development of high performance tactile sensors.
KSP 제안 키워드
Carbon nano-tube(CNT), Change in resistance, Future Development, Gauge Factor, High performance, Local strain, Normal pressure, Sensing applications, Shear Stress, Solution-based process, Spray coating