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학술지 Brain SAR of Average Male Korean Child to Adult Models for Mobile Phone Exposure Assessment
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이애경, 박진서, 홍선의, Masao Taki, Kanako Wake, Joe Wiart, 최형도
Physics in Medicine & Biology, v.64 no.4, pp.1-17
Institute of Physics (IOP)
18HR1600, 스마트 사회 전자파 노출량 제어 기반 구축, 최형도
This paper aims to implement average head models of Korean males and investigate age-related differences in the brain for exposure from radiation from mobile phones. Four male head models composed of a total of 69 structures were developed through a statistical investigation of the anatomical morphology for the age groups of 6, 9, 15 and 20-24 years in age, which are named KR-6, KR-9, KR-15, and KR-22 herein. Three numerical bar phone models with a dual-band built-in antenna were applied to calculate the specific absorption rate (SAR) in the brain; the body lengths of models M avg and M long have the mean value and upper 5th percentile value of commercial bar phone models, respectively, with an antenna at the bottom, whereas M rev has an antenna on top of the phone body, which is the same as in M avg but rotated 180째. The cheek and tilt positions were employed for SAR simulations. As a result, a higher peak spatial-average SAR (psSAR) was observed in the brain for the child groups of KR-6 and KR-9 than for the adult groups of KR-15 and KR-22. In most configurations, the position-averaged psSAR 10 g in the child brain was 62% (M long , 835 MHz), 61% (M avg , 835 MHz), 102% (M long , 1850 MHz), 108% (M avg , 1850 MHz), and 125% (M rev , 1850 MHz) higher than in the adult brain. The higher frequency of 1850 MHz showed a wider difference in the brain psSAR between the child and adult groups owing to the shorter penetration depth. When a long phone with an antenna at the bottom operates at a higher frequency, it significantly reduces the brain exposure.
KSP 제안 키워드
Adult brain, Built-in, Dual-band, Exposure assessment, Mean values, age-related, head model, higher frequency, mobile phone, penetration depth, specific absorption rates(SAR)