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학술지 제조/서비스 산업의 소프트웨어 융복합 전략:소프트웨어 및 시스템 프로덕트라인(SSPL)
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이지현, 기창진, 김덕태, 김민창, 최종섭, 이단형
한국IT서비스학회지, v.11 no.4, pp.295-307
Software and Systems Product Line(SSPL) is a paradigm that has been developed and applied by European Union(EU) to achieve the productivity and competitiveness of EU industries on the world market. It is not just a simple system or software development methodology, but a sophisticated technology requiring capabilities for a high level of mass customization, platforms, processes and convergence of software and systems. EU has applied SSPL for the five selected industrial sectors including aerospace, automobile, medical equipment, consumer electronics and telecommunication equipment since 1990s and led the way to other industry sectors to stimulate the application of SSPL from 2006. In order for Korea to secure competitiveness in the manufacturing and service industries in the competitive borderless market, it is essential to gain the high level of capabilities for software development and convergence of software and systems. SSPL can be a powerful means to achieve this end. This paper discusses the paradigmatic concept of SSPL, how EU’s major industries and companies have secured competitiveness through SSPL, key capabilities that are necessary for successful institutionalization of SSPL in Korea, and finally suggestions on core strategies to materialize the benefits of SSPL for Korea.
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And systems, European Union, Industry sectors, Mass Customization, Productivity and competitiveness, Service industries, Software development methodology, consumer electronics, industrial sector, medical equipment, product line