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학술대회 Space Sharing Effects on Manycore Systems
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차승준, 전승협, 람닉, 정연정, 김진미, 정성인
International Conference on Advanced Communications Technology (ICACT) 2019, pp.710-713
18HS2500, 매니코어 기반 초고성능 스케일러블 OS 기초연구 (차세대OS기초연구센터), 정성인
Computing hardware has changed from a single core to a multi-core environment, and programming technique have also shifted from a single thread to multi-threaded model. In a multicore environment where resources are limited, time sharing makes multiple application running simultaneously by using resource efficiently. However, in manycore systems, time sharing technique generates kernel noise and it results in a performance degradation. To solve this problem, this paper proposes a space sharing scheme suitable for manycore systems. Space sharing scheme consists of one core-one thread and one core-one memory, ensuring that threads executed without competing kernel resources. Through experiments, we confirmed that space sharing provides scalability compared to time sharing and reduce kernel noise. In addition, we confirmed its performance through a simple HPC application; Edge-detection. We discover that space sharing can create resource waste for I/O intensive applications, which is rather a performance degradation. This problem should be solved through I/O acceleration later.
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Edge Detection, HPC Application, I/O acceleration, I/O intensive, Many-core systems, Multi-threaded, Reduce kernel, multi-Core, performance degradation, resource waste, single core