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학술대회 IoT Testbed for Dynamic Management of Fine dust in Indoor Environments
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손종권, 김명은, 손영성
International Conference on Internet of Things Design and Implementation (IoTDI) 2019, pp.277-278
19ZH1100, 사물-사람-공간의 유기적 연결을 위한 초연결 공간의 분산 지능 핵심원천 기술, 박준희
Indoor Fine dust and ultrafine dust problems are a threat to human health. To reduce this threat, it is necessary to work on ventilation, such as operating air purifiers or opening windows. The concentration of the indoor fine and ultrafine dust varies greatly from zone to zones depending on the indoor environment, such as the locations, sizes, and materials of furniture, window, people, computers, etc. However, we normally place and turn on the air purifiers, ventilation systems or circulators without considering the variations of dust densities in the indoor environment. By doing so, the highly concentrated dust zones will still likely to remain unpurified significantly threatening human health as well as the energy will be unnecessarily consumed purifying the purified zones. So, we need dynamically managing the fine and ultrafine dust considering the indoor distribution is necessary. We propose a oneM2M standard-based Internet of Things (IoT) system that can dynamically manage the indoor fine and ultrafine dust. We deploy the IoT testbed based on the proposed IoT system at the office. Furthermore, the useful insights gained from the testbed are provided.
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Dynamic management, Indoor Environment, Internet of thing(IoT), Ultrafine dust, Ventilation system, highly concentrated, human health, oneM2M standard