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학술대회 Efficient Sound-source Localization Method based on Direction Estimation using 2D Microphone Array
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서상우, 김명규, 김예진
International Conference on Information Technology (ICIT) 2018, pp.301-306
18KS1200, 청소년용 실감 체험형 스포츠 통합플랫폼 기술 개발, 김명규
In this paper, we propose an efficient sound-source localization method based on a direction estimation technique using a dual delay-and-sum beamforming (DSBF) system and an array of 2D micro electro mechanical system (MEMS) microphones. Assuming the sound source in distance from adjacent microphones, its wave spreads in a planar form called planar wavefront. In our system, the directions and steering angles between the sound source and the microphone array can be estimated based on the planar wavefront model using a delay and sum beamforming (DSBF) method. As shown in the experimental results, the proposed direction-based DSBF system has similar accuracy comparing to a position-based system with lower computational complexity and high-speed performance. The localization errors of the proposed system are less than 3 cm when an impulsive sound source is generated over 1 m away from the microphone array.
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Adjacent microphones, Delay and Sum Beamforming, Direction estimation, Estimation Technique, High Speed, Impulsive sound, Localization method, Lower computational complexity, Micro-electro-mechanical system(MEMS), Sound source, Source Localization