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학술대회 Switchable Diffraction Device using Reversible Electrodeposition
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조성목, 김수정, 김용해, 황치영, 김태엽, 전상훈, 김주연, 최경희, 황치선, 이정익
SPIE Optics and Optoelectronics 2019 (SPIE 11030), pp.1-8
19MB1200, 모바일 완전입체 단말 및 콘텐츠 기술 개발, 황치선
A switchable diffraction device capable of driving with segment electrodes has been proposed and its operating characteristics were analyzed. The switchable diffraction device is based on a variable cavity structure using reversible electrodeposition technology and two kinds of diffraction gratings are designed to be selectively switched according to the driving electrode. The fabricated device was able to switch the diffraction patterns without any interference between the electrodes, which means that the interference between the electrodes will not be a problem in further device integration with driving circuits. However, when the electrode isolation is not perfect due to parasitic resistance between the electrodes, a weak interference between the electrodes is observed in the diffraction pattern. Therefore, it is expected that ensuring complete insulation between the electrodes will be a very important in the integration of the device. The proposed device can be used as a light control device, an image switchable hologram, etc. Furthermore, it is expected to be applied to reconfigurable metasurfaces through integration with active matrix circuits in the future.
KSP 제안 키워드
Cavity structure, Control device, Diffraction grating, Driving electrode, Light control, Operating characteristics, active matrix, device integration, diffraction pattern, parasitic resistance