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학술대회 Redundant Star Topology based Control Network Architecture for Guaranteeing Reliable Operation of HVDC-MMC Systems
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김량수, 손병희, 박형준, 유동욱, 유학
International Power Electronics Conference (IPEC-ECCE Asia) 2019, pp.2787-2793
18PK1600, DC±200kV급 전압형 MMC 개발 및 운영/실증, 유학
In this paper, we introduce an efficient network architecture for controlling and monitoring a set of submodules (SMs) in MMC-HVDC systems. The proposed network architecture adopts a redundant star topology in order to minimize the optical fiber cable requirements and the number of the fiber-optic transceivers installed in the arm controller while guaranteeing reliable data exchange between the arm controller and SMs. Based on the proposed network architecture, we propose the uplink and downlink frame structure to meet the data exchange requirements of MMC-HVDC systems and perform link budget analysis to show its effectiveness in terms of received signal strength and. In addition, we analyze the failure probability of the proposed control network to evaluate its reliability in comparison with other existing network topologies for the MMC-HVDC systems.
Control network architecture, HVDC, redundancy, reliability analysis
KSP 제안 키워드
ARM Controller, Control network, Data exchange, Failure Probability, Fiber optic, Frame structure, HVDC systems, Link Budget Analysis, MMC-HVDC, Network Architecture, Network topology