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학술대회 Multiple RS-485 Interface Management FPGA Design for Power Micro-metering
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윤기하, 김재인, 김근용, 손병희, 유학
International Power Electronics Conference (IPEC-ECCE Asia) 2019, pp.2635-2640
19ZK1100, 호남권 지역산업 기반 ICT융합기술 고도화 지원사업, 이길행
UART is most widely used communication method in various industrial applications because of its simple structure, low cost, and easy usability. In energy management and control applications, a power meter is installed on each distributed power lane in the power distribution panel and power quality data are measured using UART communication. However, the data acquisition time drastically increases as the number of power meters increases due to the sequential data transfer of UART communication. In this paper, we propose a fast power micro-metering technique using parallel RS-485 interfaces architecture. We have verified the effectiveness of the proposed technique through a testbed implementation.
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And power quality, Data Acquisition(DAQ), Energy management and control, FPGA design, Interface management, Low-cost, Power Quality(PQ), Power meter, Quality data, RS-485, Testbed implementation