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학술대회 IoT Sensor Solution using a PoF Module for the Environmental Monitoring of HVDC-MMC Systems
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박형준, 박시웅, 김량수, 유학, 선휘일, 유동욱
International Power Electronics Conference (IPEC-ECCE Asia) 2019, pp.2834-2839
18PK1600, DC±200kV급 전압형 MMC 개발 및 운영/실증, 유학
In this study, we proposed the IoT sensor solution using a PoF module for the environmental monitoring a set of sub-modules in MMC-HVDC systems. PoF system was implemented as three laser modules (1 W, 976 nm) in the power supply area, multi-mode 62.5 /125-μm optical fibers, and three photovoltaic power converters with optical outputs up to 250 mW. The O/E conversion efficiency of the PPC was 28%, and the SIM with three PPCs has a maximum output of 0.75W. From the experimental results, to ensure operational reliability of the HVDC-MM C system, BLE sensor values of periodic environmental monitoring have been verified to be consistently received by a smart device.
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Conversion efficiency(C.E.), Environmental monitoring, HVDC systems, IoT Sensors, MMC-HVDC, Multi-mode, O/E conversion efficiency, Operational reliability, Optical fiber, Photovoltaic Power, Smart devices