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학술지 Implementation of an Open Platform for 3D Spatial Information based on WebGL
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이아현, 장인성
ETRI Journal, v.41 no.3, pp.277-288
한국전자통신연구원 (ETRI)
18GH1800, 공간정보 오픈플랫폼 아키텍처 및 소프트웨어 고도화, 장인성
VWorld is run by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport of South Korea and provides national spatial information, such as aerial images, digital elevation models, and 3D structural models. We propose herein an open platform for 3D spatial information based on WebGL using spatial information from VWorld. WebGL is a web-based graphics library and has the advantage of being compatible with various web browsers. Our open platform is also compatible with various web browsers. Accordingly, it is easily accessible via the VWorld site and uses the three-dimensional (3D) map program. In this study, we describe the proposed platform configuration, and the requests, management, and visualization approaches for VWorld spatial information data. Our aim is to establish an approach that will provide a stable rendering speed even on a low-end personal computer without a graphics processing unit based on a quadtree structure. We expect that users will be able to visualize 3D spatial information through the VWorld open platform, and that the proposed platform will become the basis for various applications.
KSP 제안 키워드
3D spatial, Aerial images, Digital Elevation Model, Graphic Processing Unit(GPU), Open platform, Rendering speed, South Korea, Structural model, Three dimensional(3D), Web browser, Web-based graphics library