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Conference Paper Holographic Display Capable of Interaction between the User and the 3D Content
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Minsung Yoon
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International Symposium on Broadband Multimedia Systems and Broadcasting (BMSB) 2019, pp.1-3
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19HS4700, Digital Content In-House R&D, Park Soo-Myung
In this paper, we introduce how to generate 360째 holographic 3D contents to use for the FFT-based CGH algorithm. Then, we demonstrate the results of a wide viewing-zone-angled holographic display system capable of interaction between the 3D content and the user. We generate 1,024 viewpoint holograms in all directions at 360 degrees and construct the holographic display module including an amplitude-modulating SLM, so that we can demonstrate direct interaction of the user with the holographic 3D content. Real-time bidirectional interaction between the user and the holographic 3D content is expected to be applied first in the game or cultural industry and education related industries.
KSP Keywords
3D content, Bidirectional interaction, Cultural industry, Display System, Display module, FFT-based, Real-Time, direct interaction, holographic display