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학술대회 High Efficient 35 W, 12-to-5 V DC/DC Converter using Ceramic based Multi-layer Circuit Technologies
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정동윤, 장현규, 김민기, 박종문, 이용하
International Technical Conference on Circuits/Systems, Computers and Communications (ITC-CSCC) 2019, pp.894-896
19HB2400, 다층 페라이트 파워인덕터 및 슬림형 DC/DC 컨버터 개발, 정동윤
We propose a 12-to-5 V DC/DC converter using ceramic based multi-layer circuit technologies. By using eight metal layers and embedded vias in seven ceramic layers, the proposed converter can minimize the power losses caused by the power and ground patterns and the noise caused by control lines. The measured efficiency of the proposed converter is 95.97% with a supply voltage of 12 V and output power of 35 W. The line regulation is 0.016% with 짹10% change of input voltage of 12 V. The load regulation is 0.54% with 10-100% load change. The dynamic load regulation is 4.78% with 50-100% transition. The maximum ripple and noise is 48.0 and 352.0 mVpp, respectively. We can confirm that the proposed converter operates very stably with outstanding performances.
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Ceramic Layers, DC-DC Converters, Input voltage, Line regulation, Load change, Load regulation, Output power, Supply voltage, control lines, dynamic load, metal layer