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학술대회 Analysis of Entropy Estimator of True Random Number Generation Using Beta Source
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박성모, 최병건, 박경환, 강태욱, 이재진, 강성원, 김종범
International Technical Conference on Circuits/Systems, Computers and Communications (ITC-CSCC) 2019, pp.78-80
18JB1900, 난수 발생 회로 개발 및 집적화 기술 개발, 박경환
In this paper, we analyze the characteristics of intrinsic random numbers based on beta source. SP 800-22 and SP800-90B of NIST in the United States are the standards used to evaluate the stability of intrinsic random numbers. Recently, SP 800-90B was revised to Second Draft, and it was detected and evaluated the characteristic which is the period of the minimum entropy estimation of non-IID track. The detected data was analyzed using SP800-22 standard of statistical analysis Respectively. The data of the beta source is obtained by using a beta source, amplifying the signal using an analog amplifier, converting it into a digital signal, and extracting random numbers from the Labview environment. The data was tested to see if it conforms to the standard in a Python environment. The test results show that it is a true random number based on beta source.
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Analog Amplifier, Beta source, Digital Signal, Entropy estimation, LabVIEW environment, Minimum entropy, SP800-90B, Statistical Analysis, United States, true random number generation