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학술대회 Waveform Design for UAV Payload Communication in C-band
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김희욱, 문권한, 강군석, 이병선
International Conference on Ubiquitous and Future Networks (ICUFN) 2019, pp.692-694
19GR1200, 무인항공기 안전운항기술 개발 및 통합 시범운용, 이병선
Currently, LTE mobile communication technology is considered as the main communication link of UAV. However, an auxiliary communication link is indispensable for stable operation and mission execution of UAV even in areas where existing mobile communication networks can not cover. For stable operation of UAV, auxiliary communication link requires greater communication coverage and link availability than existing LTE mobile communication network. In that sense, it is difficult to use for the auxiliary communication link unlicensed band where there is the small power limitation and severe interference is suffered. Therefore, C-bands, which is allocated for UAV control and payload communication, could be good candidate. In this paper, we propose a new waveform for UAV payload communication in the C-band and show its performance results.
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C-band, Communication link, LTE mobile communication, Link Availability, Mobile communication networks, New Waveform, Power Limitation, Small power, Stable operation, UAV control, communication coverage