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학술대회 Traffic Monitoring System for 5G Core Network
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김응하, 최영일
International Conference on Ubiquitous and Future Networks (ICUFN) 2019, pp.671-673
19HH1500, 유/무선 액세스에 비종속적인 5G 코어 핵심기술 개발, 최영일
The standalone(SA) 5G system is a true 5G system that uses 5G radio between the user terminal and the base station, and the core network also uses a 5G core network. In the 5G core network of the SA 5G system, traffic is transmitted to the user terminal through various methods such as a switching method and a splitting method which use wired and 5G, WIFI wireless BS interfaces in a fusion. However, the 5G system operator has no way of knowing whether traffic delivery methods such as switching and splitting are normally performed. Therefore, this paper proposes a 5G core network traffic monitoring system that allows operators to easily identify switching and splitting traffic using the traffic monitoring messages delivered from the 5G core network functions that make up the 5G core network.
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5G Radio, 5G system, Core Network, Splitting method, Switching method, base station(BS), network function, network traffic monitoring, system operator, traffic monitoring system