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학술대회 Constructing National Geospatial Big Data Platform: Current Status and Future Direction
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조정희, 주인학, 이강우
World Forum on Internet of Things (WF-IoT) 2019, pp.979-982
19GH1700, 공간 빅데이터 저장관리 인프라 기술 개발 , 이강우
With the increasing predominance of Internet of Things (IoT) applications, a considerable amount of geospatial information has been accumulating from various sources. In addition to the common features of big data, the unique characteristics of spatial data make the treatment of big spatial data even more complicated. To facilitate developers creating big spatial data applications, it is imperative to develop new technologies to efficiently handle the massive amount of big spatial data. Given this impetus, the Korean government launched a five-year national project involving businesses, government, and the research community. The goal is to develop a platform for efficiently storing, extracting, processing, and analyzing geospatial big data. This paper explains the expected outcome from the project including the overall architecture of the platform, along with its current status and future direction.
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Big data platform, Common features, Current status, Geospatial big data, Internet of thing(IoT), National project, big spatial data, geospatial information, new technology, unique characteristics