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학술지 Nanolayer-embedded Pseudo-photonic Crystals
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박병준, 진영호, 박누리, 김진태, 김명기
Nanotechnology, v.30 no.47, pp.1-7
Institute of Physics (IOP)
18HS7200, 일차원 나노-레이저 기반의 능동 광 케이블 (AOC) 개발, 김진태
In recent years, novel high-performance nanophotonic devices have been realized by applying ultrathin two-dimensional nanolayer materials to nanophotonics. In this paper, we propose nanolayer-embedded compact pseudo-photonic crystals (PPCs) that enable strong interaction between ultrathin nanolayers and photonic crystal modes. In typical two-dimensional slab photonic crystals, the transverse-magnetic (TM) photonic crystal bandgap is not well formed, making it difficult to operate the TM photonic crystal waveguide modes. However, by utilizing the low-frequency TM PPC bands, a long propagation TM waveguide mode, a slow TM waveguide mode, and a TM photonic bandgap are all readily available. In particular, the insertion of a nanometer-thick low-refractive-index layer in the vertical center of TM PPC waveguide can localize the electric fields tightly in nanometer space, causing strong field interaction with the inserted nanolayer material. Using the TM slow light near PPC band edges, field interaction with the nanolayer is significantly enhanced. We can also realize nanolayer-embedded high-quality-factor (Q-factor > 104) PPC cavities using the TM PPC bandgap. We believe that the proposed TM PPCs will play an important role in the strong interaction of ultrathin nanolayer materials with photonic crystal modes.
KSP 제안 키워드
Field interaction, High performance, High-quality, Low refractive index, Photonic bandgap(PBG), Photonic crystal waveguides, Quality-factor(Q-factor), Strong field, Waveguide mode, electric field, low-frequency