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연도 ~ 키워드


학술대회 Snow Accumulation Effects in Screen Space for Real-Time Terrain Rendering
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강경규, 유동완, 박창준
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2019, pp.1024-1026
19HS5100, 다고도 이기종 실사영상 기반 3차원 합성전장 구축 및 가시화 기술 개발, 박창준
We propose a method to create a realistic snow accumulation effect in screen space for realistic natural environment rendering. Existing algorithms are not suitable for low-polygon terrain because they need high-resolution features on the surface. We develop a technique to enhance the resolution of the surface's normal as geometrical features by extracting details from a decal texture of a terrain model. Our algorithm is implemented on GPU totally, and since it works as a postprocessing effect, it can be performed in the real-time calculation. Moreover, it is not dependent on the size and shape of the terrain. Our algorithm can be easily integrated into a common real-time rendering engine and can be applied a various type of terrain data which has decal textures.
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Accumulation effects, Geometrical Features, High-resolution, Natural environment, Real-Time Rendering, Real-time calculation, Rendering engine, Screen space, Size and shape, Terrain data, Terrain model