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학술대회 Stationary Distance Measurement using Various Methods for Expressway Environment at 5.9 GHz
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김청섭, 김혁제, 임종수, 홍주연, 정영준
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2019, pp.1062-1065
19HR1100, 선제적 주파수 이용을 위한 시·공간적 스펙트럼 엔지니어링 기술 개발, 정영준
We built a system for single-input multiple-output (SIMO) wireless channel sounding at 5.9GHz center frequency. Then we measured continuous channel impulse response of wireless channel at Yeoju Expressway # 45 environment where vehicles are traveling more than 100km/h (27.8 m/s) for characteristics of stationary distance. Unlike high speed train environments, high Doppler shifts can occur due to many neighboring vehicles as moving scatterers in a variety of directions and in a short time. Radio links to vehicles can be direct or relay depending on whether the antenna is inside the vehicle or on top of the vehicle, respectively. The measurements were performed to estimate the distance over which the channel can be considered stationary and to ensure the validity of channel parameters at an expressway in Yeoju, Korea using a channel sounder with 100MHz bandwidth at 5.9GHz.This measurement will be useful for future research about Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) wireless communications by proposing stationary distance for a new channel link model that has not been reported before.
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5.9 GHz, Center frequency, Channel Sounder, Channel parameters, Distance measurement, Doppler Shift, High Speed Train, MHz bandwidth, Short time, channel impulse response(CIR), channel sounding