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학술대회 AMI GAP-Filler System for Time-Of-Use Pricing in Complex Apartment
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International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2019, pp.1208-1210
19PH4300, 선택요금제 기반 전력서비스 확대를 위한 상호운용성 확보 AMI 개발, 박완기
There are many attempts to improve the problem of the progressive billing system of the power rate of households. Among them, the TOU (Time-Of-Use) pricing is emerging as a reasonable alternative that is payment system varies depending on the season and time of day. KEPCO (Korea Electric Power Corporation) is considering the TOU pricing plans for household by utilizing its AMI (Advanced Meter Infrastructure) system. However, in the case of complex apartment, they are using private electric meters, which makes it difficult to adopt rate plans such as TOU, CPP (Critical Peak Pricing). In this paper, we propose a software-based GAP-Filler system that supports the application of TOU pricing in the private AMR (Automatic Meter Reading) environment built in complex apartment. This will show how to provide a variety of energy services, including various power rate plans, while minimizing additional investment costs on the previous AMR or AMI. We will apply results of this study to demonstration sites and present the performance analysis for effects and optimization.
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Advanced meter infrastructure, Critical peak pricing, Electric power, Energy services, Gap-Filler, Payment system, Performance analysis, Time of day, Time-of-Use(TOU), automatic meter reading, billing system