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학술대회 Proof of Concept for Development of Collaborative Mixed Reality Applications from 3D City Models
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장윤섭, 장인성
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2019, pp.678-681
19GH1400, 수요처 맞춤형 실감형 3D 공간정보 갱신 및 활용지원 기술개발, 장인성
This study aims to quickly develop collaborative mixed reality (MR) applications from 3D city models. Cities in real world are in three-dimensional space, so city models can be inspected and grasped the most effectively in 3D environment. MR applications using head mounted display (HMD) devices, especially, will enable people to collaborate with each other using holographic city models on the tables. We propose an architecture which enables quick development of collaborative MR applications from 3D city models. We have implemented a proof of concept (POC) of the MR applications for feasibility test. We use 3D geospatial data from VWorld system which is a geospatial open platform of Korea. These massive data are organized as a tile-based structure for web services on PCs. This study, furthermore, aims to develop light-weight applications from these data for stand-alone MR devices such as HoloLens. Reconstructed holographic 3D city models can be placed on tables, and users can navigate and manipulate these models with gestures. Other functions are also under development and continue to be added to this POC application for purposes such as information visualization, analyses and utility functions, advanced user interfaces and interactions.
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3D environment, 3d city models, Feasibility test, Geospatial Data, Head-mounted display(HMD), MR applications, Massive Data, Mixed Reality Applications, Open platform, Proof of concept, Real-world