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학술대회 Channel Estimation and Compensation Technique for Self-Interference Cancellation in DOCSIS 3.1 System with Full Duplex
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백명선, 송진혁, 최동준, 정준영
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2019, pp.255-257
19HR2900, 케이블 방송망에서 멀티기가급 서비스를 위한 동일대역 상하향 신호 동시 송수신 기술 개발, 정준영
Full duplex is one of the main strategies for improving the spectral efficiency in DOCSIS 3.1 system. For self-interference cancellation of full duplex environment, various distortion elements should be estimated and compensated. Among the distortion elements of self-interference signal, channel distortion between transmission antenna and reception antenna is most dominant distortion element in the full duplex-based DOCSIS 3.1 system. This paper proposes an efficient frequency domain channel estimation and compensation technique of self-interference signal in DOCSIS 3.1 with full duplex. The proposed technique uses high-power data subcarriers as well as pilot symbols. The proposed technique can accomplish higher MER performance than existing channel estimation technique with only pilot symbols.
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Channel estimation(CE), DOCSIS 3.1, Estimation Technique, Full-Duplex(FuDu), High power, Pilot symbols, Power data, Self-Interference Cancellation, Spectral efficiency(SE), Transmission antenna, compensation technique