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학술대회 Progress Monitoring System based on Volume Comparison for the Construction Site
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이좌형, 박정호, 장병태
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2019, pp.986-989
19ZS1300, 주력 산업 고도화를 위한 지능형 상황인지 기반 기술 개발, 김도현
Progress monitoring of working groups in the large construction site becomes difficult since construction works are being done in the large extensive area and a lots of workers do their jobs at the several place concurrently. For the efficient management of construction, the progress monitoring should be done automatically with minimum manpower. In this paper, we propose the progress monitoring system for the large construction site. The proposed system uses the volume comparison method that makes 3D model of the construction site with photos taken by the drone and compares the volume of 3D models for schedule. The photogrammetry technique is used to generate the 3D model of construction site as point cloud. Generated point clouds are aligned to each other. The proposed system makes octree with aligned point cloud for volume comparison. The difference between two point clouds is the work progress. The sensitivity of change detection depends on the resolution of the octree. By controlling the resolution, user can find the suitable progress.
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3d model, Change detection, Construction works, Monitoring system, Point clouds, Working groups, comparison method, construction site, progress monitoring