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학술대회 Automatic Crowdsourcing Demand and Supply Management for Sustainability of Pedestrian Navigation Service
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조은영, 박상준, 박창준, 이용현, 이상균, 이금렬
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2019, pp.694-697
19HH2500, 보행자 위치공간 인지 증강 및 스포츠 경기력 분석을 위한 정밀측위 원천기술개발, 박상준
In order to provide location-based services including pedestrian route guidance in numerous indoor and outdoor spaces of various structures, it is essential to maintain a low-cost platform that continuously improves accuracy. In particular, in order for the elderly, and the disabled to receive universal services, maintenance should be guaranteed along with social welfare. A realistic way to do this is an open platform based on crowdsourcing and crowdsensing for indoor positioning. However, it can only be sustained if the public is easily involved and rewarded with appropriate rewards or contributions. In this paper, we propose a method to realize the crowd contribution method based on the collection of a large number of location resources using a smartphone is realized by automatic management of spatial crowdsourcing demand and supply.
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Demand and supply, Indoor Positioning, Location-Based Services, Low-cost, Open platform, Outdoor spaces, Pedestrian navigation service, Route Guidance, Social welfare, automatic management, spatial crowdsourcing