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학술대회 Open-loop Power Control for Moving Network System
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박만호, 정희상, 김일규
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2019, pp.843-845
19HH4400, [사회문제] 통신비 부담 경감을 위한 대중교통수단에서의 공공와이파이 체감 품질 개선, 김일규
This paper presents a power control method for Moving Network (MN) system for 5G service. The MN system is being developed by ETRI as a wireless backhaul service for public transportation based on the 3GPP NR standards. In NR, power control scheme consists of a combination of open loop power control and closed loop power control to implement system efficiently and to provide service reliably. Open loop power control compensates for path loss and shadowing, and plays an important role in the efficient operation of the entire system by compromising the performance of the boundary and center. This paper presents an Open-loop power control method to improve the efficiency of the MN system. The proposed method can be used to improve cell service quality and ensure service reliability for cell edge users. We performed simulations to evaluate the proposed algorithm, which shows the proposed open-loop power control method can provide a more effective service for the MN service environment than the conventional method.
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Cell-Edge, Closed-loop, Conventional methods, Efficient operation, Network system, Path loss, Power control(PC), Power control method, Public Transportation, Service Quality, Service Reliability