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학술대회 A study on the Effects of Providing Situation Awareness Information for the Control Authority Transition of Automated Vehicle
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김현숙, 김우진, 김정숙, 이승준, 윤대섭
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2019, pp.1394-1396
19GH1600, 자율주행자동차(SAE 레벨 2,3) 기반 인적요인 심층 연구, 윤대섭
The aim of this study is to find out whether the provision of situation awareness (SA) information is effective in reducing the transition time that the control authority is transited from automated driving to manual driving. In the level 3 automobile, the driver must remain in a fallback ready state in which he/she can drive at any time, so a human factor study of the driver's SA is required. Thirty-six drivers licensed performed three experiment scenarios with an automated driving feature activated. Participants were asked to enter some sentence with his/her smartphone in the automated driving section. Situation information was provided differently for each stage of the experiment using the iPad installed in the vehicle. We measured the driver's response time to the takeover request (TOR), the time to start the manual driving, and the stabilization time. We found that the time required to recognize and respond to TOR was reduced in the case of providing SA information. We recommend that level 3 automobile manufacturers design their vehicles to provide SA information to ensure the driver's safety.
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Automated driving, Automated vehicles, Human Factors, Level 3, Situation awareness(SA), automobile manufacturers, control authority, manual driving, response time, situation information, stabilization time