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Conference Paper Intelligent Interaction System Capable of Autonomous Mobility for At-Home Workouts
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Samyeul Noh, Lsb, Park Ji Young
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International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2019, pp.653-657
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19HS4900, Development of Intelligent Interaction Technology based on Recognition of User's State and Intention for Digital Life, Park Ji Young
In this paper, we present an intelligent interaction system capable of autonomous mobility for at-home workouts. Whereas the current interaction systems for at-home workouts have had much difficulty in mobility, the presented system is able not only to assist people to work out at-home through the use of advanced deep learning technologies such as action recognition, human pose estimation, and bio-signal recognition but also to have autonomous mobility through the utilization of a mobile robot. To verify the system's feasibility with regard to intelligent interaction capable of autonomous mobility, we have conducted individual experiments for each module in the system such as mobile robot navigation, interfacing, unity contents visualization, action recognition, human pose estimation, bio-signal recognition, and human data generation.
KSP Keywords
Action recognition, Data generation, Human data, Human pose estimation, Intelligent interaction, Interaction system, Mobile Robot Navigation, bio-signal, deep learning(DL), learning technology, signal recognition