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학술지 An Information Model and System for Fire Management Based on Integration of Fire Safety and Spatial Information
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이혜선, 홍상기, 이학준, 이강복
한국통신학회논문지, v.44 no.10, pp.1892-1904
한국통신학회 (KICS)
19GH1300, 공간정보 기반 실감 재난관리 맞춤형 콘텐츠 제공 기술개발, 이강복
As urban structures become larger, higher, and more complex, utilizing high-precision spatial information in fire management is necessary to provide efficient countermeasures for urban safety. In this paper, a convergence model for integrating both fire safety and spatial information is defined addressing the following research problems: utilization of indoor spatial information as well as outdoor information; provision of various types of fire safety information; integration of fire safety and spatial information; and formalization of the integrated information. Also, a platform and systems for creating, managing and distributing convergence information based on the proposed model are presented. This is remarkable work to provide fire management based on the convergence model of fire safety and indoor/outdoor spatial information. Prototypes of the proposed platform and systems were implemented and tested with real data to validate the proposed approach. The validation results demonstrated that the proposed model has sufficient expressiveness to specify various types of fire safety and spatial information and has applicability to be utilized in urban fire management.
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And systems, Convergence model, Fire management, Information model, Integrated information, Proposed model, Real data, Safety information, Urban Fire, Urban safety, fire safety