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학술대회 A Study of Radar Interference Effects Analysis using Simulation
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김봉수, 강민수, 김형중, 박승근
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2019, pp.1076-1078
19HR4300, 스펙트럼 챌린지를 통한 기존 무선국 보호 및 주파수 공유기술 개발, 박승근
In this paper, unmodulated pulse radar and four types of BPSK communication interference signal were designed to show the possibility of radar interference effect analysis using simulation. To verify this, the results of the interference impact measurement between the 1.3 GHz band long range radar and the BPSK communication signal conducted by NTIA were compared and analyzed with the simulation results. The simulation results showed good similarity below target detection probability error 1.25 in comparison with the measurement results. As a result, it showed the potential for easier, faster and more consistent analysis results using simulation to solve the difficulties of measurement using actual radar equipment.
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Consistent analysis, Effect analysis, Effects analysis, GHz band, Interference effects, Pulse radar, Radar interference, Target detection probability, communication interference, interference impact, interference signal