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학술대회 Autonomous Network Traffic Control System Based on Intelligent Edge Computing
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김귀훈, 홍용근
International Conference on Advanced Communications Technology (ICACT) 2019, pp.164-167
This paper considers an intelligent network traffic control technology for high-reliability IoT services based on edge computing technology featuring modular micro-service computing technology, intelligent traffic analysis and predictive technologies for various applications. This paper proposes an autonomous network traffic control system that takes into account the recycling of edge technologies. Intelligent internet live monitoring service that provides online display of noise, vibration, gas readings, and field images on site as quickly as possible in the event of a civil complaint and efficiently store to prevent on-site images. This intelligent IoT edge computing technology proposes the structure, procedures, configuration and behaviour of intelligent IoT edge computing technologies, including IoT Things, data collection, data analytics capabilities, and gateways for delivering processed information to cloud servers. It applied smart construction monitoring as a representative service example.
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Cloud server, Computing technology, Control systems, Control technology, Data Analytics, Data Collection, High Reliability, Intelligent IoT, Intelligent traffic, IoT services, Monitoring service