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학술대회 An Exploratory Study Towards Objective Quality Evaluation of Digital Hologram Coding Tools
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Roberto Corda, Antonin Gilles, 오관정, Antonio Pinheiro, Peter Schelkens, Cristian Perra
SPIE Optical Engineering + Applications 2019 (SPIE 11137), pp.1-10
Holography is an acquisition and reproduction technique of visual content which allows, theoretically, for the reconstruction of the acquired scene without any difference with its real-world counterpart. The objective quality assessment of digital holograms coding tools is a very challenging problem because the signal properties of holograms are significantly different from those of regular images. Several approaches can be devised for holography compression and objective quality evaluation. The exploratory study presented in this paper aims at assessing a procedure for objective quality evaluation of data compression tools when applied to the hologram plane.
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Coding Tools, Digital hologram, Evaluation of data, Exploratory study, Quality Evaluation, Quality assessment(IQA), Real-world, Signal properties, data compression, objective quality assessment, visual content