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학술대회 Dynamic Speckle Inspection with Raw Data Compression
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Elena Stoykova, Branimir Ivanov, 오관정, 박중기
SPIE Optical Metrology 2019 (SPIE 11056), pp.1-8
19HR3700, [전문연구실] 홀로그램 영상 서비스를 위한 Holo-TV 핵심 기술 개발, 박중기
Dynamic speckle analysis is an effective approach for industrial inspection of speed of processes. The relevant information is retrieved by statistical processing of temporal sequences of speckle patterns formed on the surface of diffusely reflecting objects under laser illumination. The measurement output is a 2D activity map, which shows regions of higher or lower activity in the object. Following a process in time requires a great number of images, in which the recorded values of intensity are of minor importance. In view of the dynamic speckle measurement specifics, we propose in the paper coarser quantization of the raw speckle data as an approach for data compression. Its efficacy is proved by processing numerical and experimental speckle patterns. Decreasing the number of the quantization levels down to 32 causes no distortions in the activity map. Further decrease of the quantization level number is applicable only to data acquired at uniform illumination and equal reflectivity across the object surface.
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Activity map, Dynamic speckle, Laser illumination, Quantization levels, Statistical processing, Uniform illumination, data compression, industrial inspection, numerical and experimental, raw data, relevant information