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학술지 Design and Implementation of Runtime Verification Framework for Cyber-Physical Production Systems
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강성주, 전인걸, 김현수
Journal of Engineering, v.2019, pp.1-12
Hindawi Publishing
17HS6900, 가상-實제조설비 연동형 IoT기반 CPS 플랫폼 기술 개발, 전인걸
Traditional factories are turning into smart factories with the advent of various ICT technologies, and various control decisions are derived by AI technologies. In this circumstance, runtime verification of a control command is important for zero-defect manufacturing processes but challengeable because factories of the future are highly complex and heterogeneous systems. In this paper, we propose DigTwinOps, a Digital Twin framework for Runtime Verification of Cyber-Physical Production Systems (CPPSs). DigTwinOps features a Digital Twin Execution Engine (DTEE) that manages a Digital Twin Model to synchronize states of a real CPPS object in a production environment. With a monitoring and simulation combination process, a human worker can observe the states of the CPPS object and verify the effectiveness of control commands before applying it to a real production environment. The proposed framework is applied to a CPPS prototype production system, and the results show that the framework can work effectively in the controllability verification of control commands.
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Combination process, Digital Twin, Execution Engine, Manufacturing processes, Smart Factory, Zero-defect manufacturing, cyber-physical production systems, design and implementation, factories of the future, heterogeneous systems, runtime verification
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