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학술대회 Interactive Virtual-Reality Fire Extinguisher with Haptic Feedback
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서상우, 권승준, Waseem Hassan, Aishwari Talhan, 전석희
Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology (VRST) 2019, pp.1-2
19NE1600, 생활안전 예방서비스 기술개발 연구단, 김형준
We present an interactive virtual-reality (VR) fire extinguisher that provides both realistic viewing using a head-mounted display (HMD) and kinesthetic experiences using a pneumatic muscle and vibrotactile transducer. The VR fire extinguisher is designed to train people to use a fire extinguisher skillfully in real fire situations. We seamlessly integrate three technologies: VR, object motion tracking, and haptic feedback. A fire scene is immersed in the HMD, and a motion tracker is used to replicate a real designed object into the virtual environment to realize augmented reality. In addition, when the handle of the fire extinguisher is squeezed to release the extinguishing agent, the haptic device generates both vibrotactile and air flow tactile feedback signals, providing the same experience as that obtained while using a real fire extinguisher.
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Air flow, Augmented reality(AR), Fire extinguisher, Haptic Feedback, Head-mounted display(HMD), Motion tracker, Motion tracking, Object motion, Pneumatic Muscle, Tactile Feedback, Virtual Reality(VR)