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학술대회 A HMD with Automatic Control of Interocular Distance
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이범렬, 손욱호, 손정영, 이형, 김정
SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing 2019 (SPIE 10997), pp.1-10
19HS3900, VR 멀미 저감을 위한 휴먼팩터 파라미터 제어기술 개발(표준화 연계), 손욱호
A design concept of a goggle type HMD (Head Mount Display) which is capable of controlling automatically user's interocular distance is introduced. A linear motor is hired for each of the left and right pupillary distance control based on the measurement of the interocular distance with a micro-camera located at the top of the microprojector for each eye. A half mirror for each eye is used to connect the projector/camera to a corresponding eye. Each camera measures its corresponding eye's pupil with a high accuracy under the illumination of infrared light located at near the camera. The distance range of the controlling is 55 mm to 75 mm. The maximum travelling distance of each linear motor with the four optical components is 10 mm.
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Design concept, Half mirror, Head-mounted display(HMD), High accuracy, Linear motor, automatic control, distance control, infrared light, optical components