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학술대회 A Miniatured 28-GHz FEM using a 0.15-μm InGaAs/GaAs E-mode pHEMT Process
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이희동, 공선우, 장승현, 김광선, 이광천, 박봉혁
European Microwave Integrated Circuits Conference (EuMIC) 2019, pp.334-337
19HH3200, 5G 이동통신용 밀리미터파(40GHz 이하) 빔포밍 부품 개발, 김광선
This paper presents a miniaturized 28-GHz FEM implemented in 0.15-μm InGaAs/GaAs E-mode pHEMT process. It is designed for use with 28-GHz switching beamforming systems. In order to miniaturize the system, the RF FEM is mounted on the printed circuit board in the form of individual PA, switch, and LNA chips, and development has been made to facilitate the mounting of mobile terminals. The results of the FEM transmitter verification including the implemented filter on the PCB have a gain of 17.9 dB, an output P1 dB of 24.2 dBm and an EVM of -30 dB at 20 dBm output. As a result of the receiver verification, the gain is around 20 dB, the input P1 dB is -30 dBm, and the EVM performance of -30 dB is tested at -10 dBm output.
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E-mode, mobile terminal, printed circuit board(PCB)