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학술대회 Sound Source Localization based on GMMs in a Neck-band Microphone Array Module
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박강호, 김이경, 이성규, 김정민, 김보현, 박형민
International Congress on Sound and Vibration (ICSV) 2019, pp.1-8
19HS1800, 신체기능의 이상이나 저하를 극복하기 위한 휴먼 청각 및 근력 증강 원천 기술 개발, 신형철
The sound source localization based on Gaussian mixture models (GMMs) in a neck-band microphone array module is investigated for the localization of the alarming sound. The sound signals are measured by 6 MEMS microphones mounted on the neck-band placed on a mannequin, and the sound source location such as an azimuthal angle or a distance from the sound source is analysed by steered response power with the phase transform (SRP-PHAT) or the GMM classifier using the inter-aural time differences (ITDs) between the microphone pairs and the ratio between direct and reverberant signal components (DRR) which is estimated by measuring cross-correlation ratio (CCR) or coherent-to-diffuse ratio (CDR). The accuracies of the azimuthal angle and the distance from the sound source are comparatively evaluated and analysed between GMM and SRP-PHAT methods. We found that GMM method was better than SRP-PHAT, and the distance as well as the azimuthal angle was well estimated. This technology can be applied to the safety assistance service for disabled people who cannot hear environmental alarming sounds
KSP 제안 키워드
Coherent-to-diffuse ratio, Cross-Correlation, Disabled people, GMM classifier, GMM method, Gaussian mixture Model(GMM), MEMS Microphone, Phase transform, SRP-PHAT, Source Location, Steered response power