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학술대회 Wide-Sense Stationarity of Millimeter Wave Expressway Channels Based on 28 GHz Measurements
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박재준, 이주열, 김경원, 김명돈, 권헌국, 이광천
Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC) 2019 (Fall), pp.1-5
18HH7600, 5G초고주파 기반 고속이동체 환경에서의 채널특성 및 성능평가 국제 공동연구, 박주호
In this paper, we investigate wide-sense stationarity of a high- mobility propagation channel based on field measurement data analysis. The measurements were collected in an actual expressway at 28 GHz emulating for a typical vehicle-to-infrastructure scenario. During the measurements, a receiver was traveling at a speed up to 100 km/h and there were other moving vehicles in both directions that can impact on high Doppler shifts. To estimate a stationary distance defined as the distance where the channel can be considered wide-sense stationary, we applied the RUN test. Due to other moving vehicles, it is found that the range of stationary distance is 6-23 wavelengths in the expressway environment.
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28 GHz, Data analysis, Doppler Shift, Field measurement data, Moving Vehicle, Propagation Channel, Run test, Speed-up, Vehicle-to-Infrastructure(V2I), high Doppler, millimeter wave(mmWave)