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학술대회 A Study on Layer 2 Protocols and Adaptive Transmission Rate Control of High Speed MmWave Based Wireless Backhaul
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배정숙, 손경열, 문진명, 이훈
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2019, pp.698-700
19MH1300, 5G 융합서비스를 위한 20Gbps P2MP 무선백홀 기술 개발, 이훈
In order to provide transmission capacity of more than 20Gbps in E-band based wireless backhaul for 5G mobile communication system, layer 2 protocol design is also an important factor, as layer 2 protocol must provide control plane functions optimized for the fixed environment and high-speed data processing, and control on point to multipoint operation of backhaul in a 5G communication environment. And, it is required that an adaptive way of adjusting the transmission rate depending on the channel state according to the weather environment. In this paper, we design layer 2 protocols of high speed mmWave based wireless backhaul for 5G mobile communication system and propose the receiver-driven adaptive transmission rate control scheme that leads to an increase in transmission radio resources.
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5G communications, 5G mobile communication system, Adaptive transmission rate, Channel state, Communication Environment, Control plane, Control scheme, Data processing, E-band, High Speed, Protocol design