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학술대회 Development of Multimodal Interaction-based Interactive Educational Content-Authoring Tool
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송복득, 최연준, 박종현
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2019, pp.426-428
With the growth of movie industry and spread of, many people have watched realistic and imaginative movies in history, science and disaster. In these movies, reality and imagination can be utilized in diverse fields if combined with interactive education which can deliver knowledge through interactions with users. This study developed an authoring tool with which multimodal interaction-based interactive educational content can be produced to enhance user immersion based on movies. With such authoring tool, interactive educational content producers are able to produce multimodal interaction-based educational content, using movies. This authoring tool has the advantage of provoking user immersion and interest, using the movies which are already familiar with users without making a separate video. In addition, user-media interactions offer diverse user interactions, using smartphone and low-prices leap motion devices.
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Authoring Tool, Educational content, Leap Motion, Multimodal interaction, User Immersion, User interaction