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학술대회 Overview of Duplexing Architecture for Wireless Powered IoT Networks
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주형식, 곽동혁, 이문식
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2019, pp.89-94
19ZH1600, Overhead 없이 도감청을 원천 차단하는 Simultaneously-Transmitted Jamming 기술, 주형식
Recent advent of internet-of-things (IoT) calls for the need of reliable energy supply to the IoT devices for sustainability of the wireless IoT networks. To tackle this energy issue, in this paper we study wireless powered communication (WPC) in the wireless IoT networks, which enables IoT devices to communicate based on energy transferred wirelessly from a edge server deployed between central cloud server and IoT devices. In particular we focus on architecture design of WPC from the viewpoint of duplexing between wireless transmissions of energy and data. According to the duplex modes of a edge server and IoT devices, we address their respective transceiver structures and the corresponding designs of WPC protocols. Quantitative performance illustrations demonstrate that WPC architecture based on full-duplex operations between wireless transmissions of energy and data significantly improves not only energy sustainability but also data transmission performance in the wireless IoT network.
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Architecture Design, Cloud server, Data transmission, Energy Sustainability, Energy supply, Full-Duplex(FuDu), Internet of thing(IoT), IoT Devices, IoT network, Wireless powered communication, Wireless transmission