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학술대회 Development of Laser-Assisted Bonding with Compression (LABC) Process for 3D IC Integration
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최광성, 엄용성, 문석환, 주지호, 이광주, 김정학, 김주현
International 3D Systems Integration Conference (3DIC) 2019, pp.1-3
19PB1600, 유연 디스플레이소자용 열공정 기술 및 장치 개발, 최광성
Laser-Assisted Bonding with Compression (LABC) technology with NCF was proposed to accomplish the productivity and process reliability at the same time. A quartz block as a header was used to deliver a pressure to the devices because of its extremely low absorption of the laser during the bonding process. Newly developed NCF for LABC was designed to have stability on a hot stage and to show solder wetting and fast curing with no void and optimal fillet during the LABC bonding process. As the laser is used as a heat source, the uniform heat should be provided on each interconnection without any damages on chip or a substrate. 780μ-Thick daisy chain top and bottom chips with the minimum pitch of 30m and bump number of about 27, 000 were successfully bonded using the LABC and NCF film.
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3D IC Integration, Bonding process, Fast curing, Heat source, Hot stage, Laser-Assisted Bonding, Process reliability, daisy chain