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학술대회 Enhanced Performance of Laser-Assisted Bonding with Compression (LABC) Compared with Thermal Compression Bonding (TCB) Technology
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최광성, 엄용성, 문석환, 주지호, 정이슬, 이광주, 김정학, 김주현, 윤길상, 이광희, 이철희, 안근식, 심무섭
Electronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC) 2019, pp.197-203
18PB1600, 가변영역 레이저를 이용한 이종 패키지 제조용 초정밀 스택 본딩 장비 개발, 최광성
A LABC (Laser-Assisted Bonding with Compression) bonder and NCF (Non-Conductive Film) were developed to increase the productivity of the bonding process for the advanced microelectronic packaging technology. The design features of a LABC make its UPH above 1,000. The NCF was applied to both of LAB and TCB (Thermal Compression Bonding Technology). The 780μm-thick daisy chain top and bottom chips with the minimum pitch of 30μm and bump number of about 27,000 were prepared and tested to verify the LABC and NCF technology. The effects of the laser power on the joints quality after the LABC bonding process were investigated and compared with the joints formed by the TCB technology. Finally, the SAT (Scanning Acoustic Tomography) images of the test vehicles before and after the TCO (Pressurized oven) were observed to check the voids in the NCF after the LABC bonding process.
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Bonding process, Bonding technology, Design features, Laser-Assisted Bonding, Packaging technology, Thermal Compression Bonding, acoustic tomography, daisy chain, enhanced performance, laser power, non-conductive film